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ARJeannie is the authoring tool to create augmented reality content quickly and at a fraction of the cost. The tool:

  • utilises what companies already have - CAD models of products, 

  • is easy to create through simplified animations and no coding

The result is an app with a spatial interactive experience or augmented reality.  It can work on phones, tablets, and, we are working on, XR glasses like Meta and Vision Pro

No more boring, unclear instrcutions on Word or When moving from design to production of products or when installing complex products, Augmented Reality training can assist technicians and professional workers in performing their tasks accurately and quickly.  

Making training and Instructions fun


Augmented Reality training and user guides are the future.  Creating them should be quickly and at a fraction of the cost. 


Coffee Machine


Meta Quest 3

ARJeannie delivers Augmented reality user guides and interactive product training that are fun and exciting. They are superior to boring videos or, even worse - printed manuals.  



Use Cases from Clients

  • From product development to production, when instrcutions are not 100% defined
  • Professional Installation Instrcutions for products with many parts and steps. 
    Instructing technicians in remote locations
  • Immediate instructions are provided during events such as recalls when there is no time for classroom training.   
ARJeannie has encountered the following use case from working with its clients
  • Quickly create production instructions
  • Immediate changes, especially when instructions are not well-defined
  • Provide an interactive experience
  • Thanks to AR - clearer instructions
Result:  Less errors, less recall, lower expenses, stronger reputation 
Benefits from using ARJeannie


  • Drag & drop solution (no code)

  • Easy-to-use tool integrates with existing CAD models, graphics and animation to deliver appealing, real AR-based, user-friendly content.

  • All-in-one solution with no need for third-party tools

  • Create quickly ad-hoc content.


  • Spatial Computing improves understanding and reduces errors in installation and operations

  • Interesting and fun for the user

  • Provide compelling content quickly for ad-hoc events or less common processes.  

ARJeannie has been developing a rapid Augmented Reality authoring tool to create user manuals. Manuals and training with augmented reality provide a superior user experience with products. Unlike current devices, the all-in-one approach with no coding results in a manual at a much shorter time and lower costs.

ARJeannie Authoroing

Co-founder and CEO, held executive operational positions in startup companies, primarily in business development and financial management in various markets. He is CEO of Arba Capital Markets (having sold more than $700 million of foreign mutual funds).


Nir graduated from Tel Aviv University with an M.B.A. in Finance and a B.A. in Computer Science and Economics. Nir also graduated from the PMD (Program of Management Development, 2003) at the Harvard Business School. Nir served as VP for the HBS Alumni Board.  

Nir Elperin

Jeremy Isaacs has been ARJeannie's Product Manager since 2022. He has over 20 years of experience in integrated software/hardware products for the broadcast and media industry, real-time graphics, and Virtual/Augmented graphics. Prior to ARJeannie, he worked as a Senior Presale Engineer/Product Manager at Omnistream, a live streaming technology startup. Before that, he was the QA Manager and Senior Presale Engineer for Orad-Avid HW products. Jeremy holds a degree in New Media from HASIFA – Media Art TV and Multimedia.

Jeremy Isaacs

Co-founder and CTO, currently, CTO for 3D Innotech has rich executive-level management experience in global corporates including R&D, Operations & Professional Services management and large-scale projects management. Almog served as VP R&D at Vicon Systems; COO at ExLibris, and as Software Development Manager at ATL (Advanced Technology Ltd).


Almog graduated with honours in Computer Science from Bar Ilan University. He holds both an M.B.A. and a B.Sc. degree.

Almog Neuberger

Chief Developer Authoring Tool, has a Mathematics with Computer Science degree from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and a Specialization in Computer Graphics. Antonio worked on many computer graphics projects, including R&D in TV Globo, developing and implementing projects for Virtual Actors, Virtual Sets, Virtual Publicity, Motion Capture, 3D Animation, 3D Effects, and Soccer Graphics Analysis.


Previously, he was a Risk Manager solution (Governance, Risk and Compliance) at Módulo Security Solutions, graphical educational software at SENAC and CASE Graphical Tool at Internacional Engenharia SA

Antonio Luiz Mattos Machado

Chief Developer Client, has a degree in Computer Science from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil) and a Specialisation in Computer Networks.  He also studied Animation, Cinema and Digital Arts.


Samuel worked on many projects in the Game Industry, mainly for advertisement companies and educational purposes. 

He created a virtual reality promotional game for FIAT automobiles and also worked for the TV Globo’s Olympic Games 2016 R&D team to develop augmented reality solutions.

Samuel Morais

3D Artist, worked in the field of 3D Modelling, Lighting, Animation, Video Editing and Motion Design. Nati has experience with Blender, 3DSmax, Premiere, Photoshop and After Effects. He knows how to build a 3D Scene and create the perfect composition for Render.


Nati graduated from Sela College, where he studied Animation and 3D.

Nati Zaretsky


Advisory Board

Co-founder and Chairman, Founder of 3D Innotech, with a rich technological and entrepreneurial background. Avi served at senior positions in several technology groups, such as Tadiran Communications group and Orbotech. In 1993, Avi founded Orad Hi Tech Systems, a leading provider of real-time 3D Broadcast solutions. Avi had two exits including Orad Hi-Tec Systems Ltd.

Avi Sharir

Advisor and Shareholder, studied statistics and Digital Arts. He was the Principal of the Multimedia R & D Department of TV Globo, the largest TV network in South America, for 45 years. Over the years, he has emerged as a recognised inventor, artist, engineer and financier in computer graphics, special effects and related transmission technologies. In 1978, Dias was primarily responsible for modernising the videotape and editors who adopted the Sony C format. Their pioneering innovations include applications that offer virtual advertising (televised virtual stadiums incorporated), interactive virtual sports (immersive capture of sports transmitted to subsequent exploration), virtual announcements (insertion of CGI products, elements defined in live action), virtual sets, backlot, Created the first submarine simulation for the Brazilian Navy. He was responsible for developing one of the first virtual photo-realistic actors (Fantastico, 1994). Currently, he is the CEO of Rocket Science and CTO of ClickNails.

Jose Diaz


64 Sokolov St, Ramat Hasharon

Israel 4723528

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